1. Corrigendum relating to extension of services of Shri Subrata Pal (District and Session Judge) and Shri Subhash Ch. Saha(Retired Addl. District & Session Judge) as Presiding Officers.
  2. Notification for Special Courts specified by the State Government. Dt. 15.09.2017
  3. Notification regarding Clerkage for each retained Lawyers. Dt.30.08.2017.
  4. Revised fees structure of the Standing Counsel & Addl. Standing Counsel of the State Govt. in the Supreme Court.
  5. Sri Dilip Ch. Nath, Ld. Advocate is appointed as the Addl. Govt. Advocate.
  6. Notification regarding revised rate of fees of the retained and panel lawyers of the state under Law Department. Dt.27.07.2017.
  7. Notification regarding remuneration of the Advocate General for the State of Tripura under Law Department. Dt. 27.07.2017.
  8. Notification regarding Shri Narasingha Das, a Member of Tripura Judicial Services Grade-III.
  9. Notification regarding Shri Akhil Sharma , Tripura Judicial Service, Gr-II is relieved from his Service.
  10. Notification regarding Second Maha Lok Adalat under Law Department. Dt. 11.05.2017.
  11. Notification regarding Temporary Motor Accident Claims Tribunals constituted at Agartala.
  12. Notification regarding Medical facilities for the Retired of the High Court of Tripura & their families Rules, 2017.
  13. Notification regarding appointment of Shri Subrata Pal (Retired District & Session Judge) as Presiding Officer under Law Department. Dt. 03.05.2017.
  14. Notification regarding frame Rules for granting post retiral benefits under Law Dept.
  15. Notification regarding appointment of Shri Subrata Sarkar as the Public Prosecutor for the High Court of Tripura.
  16. Notification regarding resignation dated 15-03-2017 tendered by Sri Abhijit Ghosh, Ld. Public Prosecutor, High Court of Tripura.
  17. Corrigendum regarding Notification No.F5(10)-Law-LR-I-2010-7643-7705 dated 23-12-2016.
  18. Annual Publication of the list of Notaries, appointed by the Govt. of Tripura for the Year 2017. Dated 24th January, 2017
  19. Notification regarding appointment of Mr. Pradip Kumar Paul, Ld. Assistant Public Prosecutor. Dated 18th January, 2017.
  20. State Government specified all Asstt.P.Ps of the Judicial Magistrate Courts to compound the offences u/s 200(1) of the M.V.Act, only for the cases listed for disposal in the Maha Lok Adalat on 29.01.2017
  21. Law (Parliamentary Affairs) Department invites Government Businesses for the upcoming 9th Session of 11th Tripura Legislative Assembly. Dated 18th December, 2015